• legal consultancy and assistance performed for national/ international companies for acquiring real estate properties;
• drafting due diligence reports with regard to the legal situation of real estate properties;
• verifying the legal situation of the real estate properties to the competent authorities such as the Office for Land Book, the Taxes and Charges Local Direction, the City hall (obtaining fiscal certifications, land book information excerpts);
• performing all the formalities for preparing the cadastral file and the registration with the land book and fulfilling all the legal procedures necessary for the registration of the property right upon certain immovable assets, for noting in the land book certain operations connected to the property right such as dismemberment, annexation, preference, mortgage;
• performing legal assistance in order to establish the legal situation of certain lands;
• assisting the clients within the development of the projects for granting mortgaging credits or real estate credits, in order to perform real estate investments;
• analyzing documents of property, land book excerpts, cadastral documentation;
• drafting sale – purchase agreements with real estate guarantee and real estate guarantee agreements;
• drafting lease agreements regarding spaces located within commercial centers.

• drafting legal opinions and due diligence reports regarding the legal situation of real estate assets;
• drafting pre agreements, sale purchase agreements, lease agreements, mortgage agreements and performing legal assistance in front of the public notary in order to sign and authenticate all these types of agreements;
• verifying the legal and technical regime of the real estate assets to the competent public authorities;
• performing all the formalities related to the land book with regard to the existence / inexistence of the encumbrances over the real estate assets;
• verifying the fiscal regime of the real estate assets to the Local Taxes and Charges Direction;
• legal assistance and consultancy in ample real estate transactions.

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