• legal assistance performed for a company with a major role in the constructions market at national level, regarding a real estate project with a final value of over Euro 32 millions. The activity consisted in providing legal services, with predilection by the representation in front of the courts, within certain disputes in direct connection with this real estate project;
• legal assistance performed for certain natural persons, successfully represented before the courts in more disputes, having as object the claim of real estate assets confiscated during the communist period. Following these legal steps, the ex owners or their heirs, succeeded to enter in the possession of those assets or were effectively indemnified by the Romanian State;
• legal assistance performed for foreign citizens, represented in front of the contentious administrative courts in more disputes having as object the procurement or the extension of a staying right on the territory of Romania, mainly for the purpose of developing commercial activities.

• legal support for the clients in order to establish a procedural strategy for each issue for which they intend to advance creative successfully solutions;
• legal consultancy regarding the best action course in the purpose of sustaining the clients for fulfilling the undertaken objectives;
• drafting statements of claim, statements of defense, counterclaims, procedural claims of any nature as well as all the documents that are supposed by the participation to negotiation for amicable solving the disputes;
• assisting and representing the clients interests regarding the relation with the bodies competent to perform judicial enforcement (judicial executors offices, courts);
• drafting and submitting in court objections to the writ of execution as well as any other requests and actions meant to defend the clients interests, ensuring their representation in all the jurisdiction grades.

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