Mitu & Asociații offer legal services for legal and business consulting, especially in the field of public procurement and public-private partnerships, civil and industrial constructions, automotive, renewable energy, human resources and environment.

We have a team of solicitors specialising in legal and business consulting, who professionally deliver the clients' legal requests, especially in the fields of corporate, civil, employment, environmental, intellectual property and confidentiality and compliance policies (GDPR).

What do we do differently? We get involved, we seek to understand the client's activity as best as possible, the internal organisation, the business profile, the development strategy and we come up with ideas that will balance the activity, prevent internal crises, allow operations to grow. The activity of the solicitors of the consultancy department is based on identifying the optimal strategies for achieving the clients' interests, having as main objective the clarification of the unknown aspects, noticed and brought to attention, as well as the legal transposition of the intentions of running and organising the business, communicated by the partners.