The story of Mitu & Asociații began in 2003, when it was established as a Private Legal Practice. Gradually, the team grew, gained knowledge and experience, became involved with a lot of interest in projects, responded to challenges, learned from each activity and from each collaborator, built partnerships with clients, and became what is today, a Law Firm.

In order to provide the highest quality services, the company's activities are carried out in a harmonious environment, to which the location, the passion for the profession, the team spirit and the positive and open attitude contribute.

Mitu & Asociații's office in Bucharest is situated in the vicinity of the Armenian Church, therefore having a strategic location, very close to the courts but also to the main institutions of public administration and at the same time, this is an area protected from the turmoil of the central area.

The building in which the office is based dates from the interwar period and was built in 1926 by the industrialist Casimir Otto Akerman, using the latest technologies of that time. The space used by Mitu & Asociații benefits from six rooms, decorated in a style that pictures a perfect balance between classic and modern, between professional design and the personality of Maria Cristina Mitu, between historical notes and new technologies.

The Mitu & Asociații Law Firm supports its clients in complex issues of civil, commercial, corporate, real estate, fiscal, competitive law, insurance law, intellectual property, employment law, administrative law and public procurement, as well as compliance issues, both in terms of the provision of legal advisory services, in strategic issues and in the day-to-day activity, as well as in the assistance and representation in courts.

The most significant values ​​that unite the team members and support them in making a collaborative effort for better results each day - are mutual respect and the willingness to help each other.

Over time, the team has provided legal advice for individuals and for legal entities under public or private law - pharmaceutical manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors of vehicles recognised both nationally and internationally, companies in the field of real estate development and promotion, credit companies, important players in the telecommunications market, companies providing equipment and software solutions, companies associated in the field of construction, transport, airport, human resources.

Through involvement, hard work and a desire for development, the legal services were extended and the team was completed with insolvency practitioners in 2012. Mitu & Asociații and Mitu Insolvency collaborate closely for the insolvency and bankruptcy projects in the portfolio, elaborating reorganisation plans and long-term sustainable strategies that allow portfolio companies to continue their business where possible, capitalising on assets and reducing risks for creditors, directors, associates.

In 2018, we decided to support the Romanian community in the UK by opening a Solicitors Regulation Authority authorised Law Firm through which we provide legal services to the same standards as those in Romania, in Romanian, for those who are having difficulties in their adoptive country.